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southern_gent Discussion started by southern_gent 9 months ago
I have a neighbor who is an old Navy salt dog

Like me, he is raising his children alone and we talk.

Some evenings we sit and talk for hours just comparing

and sometimes we sit in reflective silence just wondering.

I'd like to think some of what I have said to him

has made a difference in the lives of him and his children.

When he complained about the music his children listen to,

I questioned him and found him to be an old rock and roll fan.

I searched for the reasons he likes it so much and as with all of us,

it's not so much the music but the memories they represent.

I told him I listen often to my daughter's music

and looked forward to someday sharing those memories with her.

Life is so precious and all too often so very short.

We look at yesterday with such intensity, we forget about today.

We look to tomorrow with little thought of the memories we build

When we should be constructing every day with blocks of memories.

What will come of us in years to come if we cling so to the past

That we forget to build our memories to enjoy when dusk arrives.

At one time, I was terrified at the prospect of growing old.

There was so much to see and do, and the world was so big.

At some points in my life, I pushed away those very people

Who could have helped me build beautiful memories to enjoy.

To me they were too slow in their journey through life.

If only I had known then that so much more can be seen at a slower pace.

Most of my life is now behind me and the twilight draws very near.

Yet I must confess that while there were things I would have done differently,

I can lay my head the final time with a smile on my face and no regrets.

While much I did would be viewed with disdain by some,

All those experiences served the purpose of making me who I am

and I feel no shame when I stand at look at the man I see in the mirror.

If I could leave one legacy before my time I would leave it to all people.

Live each day, not as if it were your last because that spawns reckless abandon.

But rather simply live it with all your heart and soul.

Keep yourself morally straight for someday, you will have to answer to yourself.

Believe in something, for those who don't live hollow lives,

And never miss a chance to love or be loved and express it often in many ways.