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Last edited, 13/05/2020

Privacy Policy Seniorchatz
https://www.Seniorchatz.com has written this statement as a commitment of website user privacy; Our Seniorchatz policy states how we treat our members and visitor of the site and there personal information during there time spent here.

Please take note that all that is posted in our chatrooms and on your visual status is can be viewed by other members of www.Seniorchatz.com ( unless you alter your settings ). When you private message another user in chat, Nobody else can view your conversation.

You may notice that we use advertisements on www.Seniorchatz.com Our primary source of advertising is powered by adsense a 1company of Google. Some of the adverts that you see will contain cookies which we have no control over but are used for statistical purposes only.

About what you post.

Seniorchatz is not liable for anything that you post or say while you are on the Website. Seniorchatz does not monitor the content of the Website, but if Seniorchatz does see, or someone tells Seniorchatz that you have posted, something that Seniorchatz finds inappropriate, Seniorchatz will remove it. If you post content that belongs to someone else and they get annoyed (or even call in their lawyers), Seniorchatz is not in the firing line. You have to take responsibility for what you post.

External links

You may notice we have external links to other chat related website and please know that we have no control over the privacy policy of them websites. You may view these site but going to our links page.

Thank you for reading and understanding our privacy policy.

Monitoring users
We monitor all webcams and moderate them accordingly. If you are found to be breaking our rules you will be kicked or banned. Owner, Admins & Moderators will view your webcam when you have allowed Seniorchatz to access it whether your webcam is set to public or private, This ensures that propper conduct is taking place.

Data exchange
All information that is exchanged on the social network is monitored and logged. If you are found to be breaking any of our rules, We are permitted to either suspend, ban or notify the correct authorites.


We have the right to cancel and remove any account at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to real our privacy policy, Now that you fully understand our policy you can navigate and use the main website. If you have any questions regarding how we display content on www.Seniorchatz.com then do not hesitate to use our contact form and send us an email. We aim to respond within 24 hours of receiving your messages. Once again thank you for using Seniorchatz services and have a great time on this website!