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southern_gent Discussion started by southern_gent 10 months ago
a personal poem by yours truly,
The Dream

 I felt guilty in the night.

It seems I should have dreamed of you

but it was someone else.

She and I rode the elephants in Africa

and climbed the tower in Paris.

We skied mountains in Austria

and flew through clouds in Arizona.

She caressed me on Mars.

We made love on Venus

and yet I could not see her face.

We were free for all to see

as we floated from place to place

hand in hand, arm in arm

body in body.

I loved her, and she loved me

but I just couldn't see her face.

There was a plateau in New Mexico

and she and I could see the world.

The day and the night watched us

as we made love

again and again and again.

She took me into her

and became a part of me.

I saw her face. My guilt was gone.

It was you....

copyright 2018

David Sanders