Last visit: 17 hours 46 minutes ago
Gender: Female
Age: 69
Location: United States
Last visit: 17 hours 46 minutes ago
Gender: Female Age: 69 Location: United States
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    Just looking for a few kind words :) <<< my original post

    An explanation!!!
    I am the WIFE of an angry man who drinks 4 pints of vodka almost every day. His snarls and graphic insults have damaged my spirit, hence I am extremely appreciative of a few kind words. Anyone in Alanon knows the importance of spending time with good people, listening to the best music, enjoying friendly greetings, laughing together and sharing stories.
    A fantastic person, whose opinion I value, advised me to acknowledge my backstory here -
    <cue Billy Joel's music> He mayyyy be right ! I mayyyy be crazy :)
    Oh well
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    United States

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