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    I'm a big kid in an older guy's body! I enjoy travel and especially finding new places to walk my dog - I've always had rescue dogs, but love all animals and the natural world. On the wet days I like playing PC simulation, strategy and survival games. I also enjoy building and painting fantasy figures which I eventually sell on ebay (or I'd run out of space for more).
    On the nice days I like to get out and about visiting our countryside and coastline, hopefully seeing some wildlife too. I also enjoy visiting historical sites. Until very recently I owned a small campervan in which myself and my dog (various) toured around much of Europe. I loved the freedom aspect of doing this and carrying my home on my back so to speak. When this horrible pandemic is finally over I intend to hire a van and visit the countries I have yet to go to.
    I enjoy sport, especially football, and also watching movies and box sets, oh and a good old natter putting the world to rights! Due to personal experiences over the last few years I'm also now quite interested in the paranormal, and have even considered joining a local paranormal research team. I think there is more to this world than we think (hope that doesn't sound too X Files!).
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