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Boomer_62 Discussion started by Boomer_62 7 months ago


They say life springs forward. Perhaps the one end of the spring is our birth. The other end is our death. Within that spring we see many things, many coils. In one 2 dimensional plane the spring with its coils looks like a series of high points and low points, ups and downs, little lives and little not lives…subsets of a larger spring called life and death. 

In three dimensions we see a continuous circuitous path, like the threads of a screw, winding round and round, up higher and higher, ascending to new heights, new aspects of our lives, of our being. 

Sometimes the spring is compressed. Our lives momentarily retreat, are challenged, are overcome. We do not die however. We recoil, we push back, we strive to get back on our circuitous and upward path. 

We use the compressed setback as a launch catalyst to recoil and spring back to life and continue our pursuit of life! Sometimes we even pop out of the compressive forces that squeeze us like two fingers and we find our selves in a new plane, a new orientation.  

And in this new world we look like ups and downs in two dimensions. In three dimensions? We look like life.