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    A big chap, love to laugh, love chat, I hate rudeness and bad manners. I love good literature, films, old fashioned British humour, PC crap is lost on me, I am not a fan of wannabe celebs, has been wannabes, reality crap I.e. Love Island, and the like. Oh I have grey hair, hazel eyes, my own teeth and hair lol. Oh and my name is Phil if you want to use it, I would be flattered.
    I am married, my wife and son who both have MS in an advanced stage, are my primary concern as I am their sole carer, I am sensitive to the needs of others, care deeply about people and despair at the credence given to this wonderful "woke" generation and their intolerance to the views others hold, and stifle debate.
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    Long Marston, Tring